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Banish your winter blues with Wonky

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Banish your winter blues with Wonky

on Monday, 02 February 2015. Posted in Food & Drink

Winter is well and truly upon us. The mayhem which we call 'Christmas' has thankfully left the building and peace and calm reign supreme. I take a breath before launching into the next frenetic phase of the Wonky Cake year. It's all about Valentine's Day, the Snowdrop Festival and wedding planning at the moment and the pace is picking up rapidly.

I have little cakes to make for the visitors coming from all over the globe to the town to admire our snowdrop displays. The Grosvenor hotel is also offering snowdrop teas with my little lime curd and white chocolate cakes and cocktails. This weekend unfortunately coincides with Valentine's Day which means I am going to be super busy! I am also providing the lovers of the area with decadent treats for a cosy evening by the fireside to fill their faces with.

Then I have brides booking in their wedding cakes for the coming celebrations. It's such a lovely thing to create a cake for a couple who love good flavoursome food. The flavour is just as important as the prettiness to me. You won't find fondant sculptures or rainbow sponges coming from the Wonky kitchen! I love the thought of my fresh lime or raspberry curd running down the chin of a blushing bride and putting a 'zing' into her step! Oo er Mrs!

The Grosvenor Hotel in town have the beautiful newly transformed assembly rooms which they are hoping to use for intimate weddings. They are having a wedding fair on March 7th and 8th showing what they can offer as a package. I'm privileged to be showing one or two cakes and offering tiny tastings for interested brides and grooms.

So January 'the quiet month' has been about banging new ideas around my head, I think the most successful of these has to be my 'Snickers in a Twist'. The followers on my Wonky Cake Co Facebook page have gone bananas over this one, I've almost felt the dribble running through my iPad, they really are a bunch of saucy minxes!

I'm also thinking of The Harmony Fair at The Larmer Tree Gardens on May 2nd and 3rd. I was here last year and it was a roaring success, lots of fun meeting people and seeing them get well and truly Wonkyed! What a larf!! Here I am with my trusty assistant (affectionately known as Wonky KP) feeding a Stormtrooper with Madame Caranana a real tart of a cake who doesn't care who gets their hands on her... Obviously!

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