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a couple of pictures recently taken by wayne23jc, view early one morning from park view and theā€¦


The Shaftesbury Town website is run as a not-for-profit project of FirmSites Ltd, a web design, development & marketing company based in Shaftesbury. The aim is to provide a site that is free & open to residents and visitors of the town, with the costs of running the site met by solely by advertisers. The site is completely independent and does not receive any form of funding, grants or control from the local council.

Originally launched in July of 2005 as a town forum the site quickly grew to a successful forum, later adding a business directory and news section. However the increasing popularity saw most of the debate shift to platforms such as facebook resulting in the closure of our online forum due to lack of demand. By mid 2014 the decision was taken to redesign and relaunch from scratch in 2015 with a new focus, on becoming the best online resource for why Shaftesbury is such a great place to live, work and visit.

Our new magazine format sees the site split into a news & events section, local directory and historical archive. Any member of the community is welcome to contribute content and will always try to accommodate any request to add useful information to the site.

If you have an article, event or cause you would like us to get behind please get in touch as

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